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Dec. 19th, 2004 @ 07:15 pm

New Journal...if anyone even cares


Dec. 5th, 2004 @ 05:02 pm
Hey guys.

I went to the movies last night with Tim. We saw Christmas with the Kranks. It was funny. Just tell me one thing...why do crappy people follow me and Tim to movies???? Everytime him and I go to the movies someone is always talking on their phone or just talking in general. Last night it was a lesbian couple, their friend and four little kids that were annoying the shit out of us. The kids were spitting spit balls the whole time and the girls were talking. So Tim and I were turning around a lot and saying shoosh, etc. Finally at the end of the movie the girl asked me if I had a problem, so I flicked her off and she got up, called me a bitch, and asked if I wanted to fight. We just ignored her. Then the movie ended and we went out the same way as they did so Tim and I said something. Tim said " You might want to teach those kids some manners after you get some yourself". And then they said some shit back so I called her a bitch and a whore and she called me a fat-ass while all of her clothes were too tight and her fat was falling out of her pants. So we thought that was funny. So me and the girl kept cursing each other out and the other girl wanted to fight me and if no cops or security was around I would have fought her. But yeah, so they walked out the door and I told her she was a fat ugly bitch and that she needed to shut her fucking face. It was so funny. Then Tim and I went to pac sun and we were shaking and our hearts were racing...it was an adrenaline rush. lol. It was funny. I bought a new roxy sweatshirt...even though my birthday is in 5 days. YAY! sweet 17...lol. I hope my party is fun. Tim, Christi, Maryann, and Liz are coming. Liz is only staying for Friday night though, not saturday. So that means that Maryann only has to get Tim and Christi into the park. But what I'm wondering is, is how are they going to get fast passes if they don't have a ticket because Maryanns mom is getting us in. So that might suck since we won't be able to get fast passes. But whatever. I want to ride space mountain, but I gotta make sure they don't mention it because my mom would flip since the doctor said I can't ride it. But I've riden it like 5 times with Maryann over the summer. But yeah, it's going to be fun!

Well I'm off to Mickeys Very Merry Christmas party. Leave me some luvin please. Nobody ever comments anymore and it makes me sad.... =(

Have a good night. And oh yeah....my soccer team won again on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY, go us. You people need to come watch a home game sometime because I want your support please!

<3 Jess xox...
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Dec. 3rd, 2004 @ 05:11 pm
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Nov. 26th, 2004 @ 10:08 pm

So today was rather boring.  I wanted to go out and do something with Tim but he was doing something with his dad so I couldn't.  Christi can't do anything outside of school and her job so we couldn't hang out.  And I figured Maryann was working or just wouldn't want to hang out.  Liz's away message said she was "out" so I didn't want to bother her.  I'm just wishing it was monday, and that's pathetic. 

I hope Tim is back tomorrow so that him and I can do something.  I really want to go to Festival Bay and eat at the hamburger place called Fuddruckers.  Sounds good.  Maybe we can see a movie or do that Minuature Golfing that's glow in the dark.  All I know is that I want to get out of the house and do something fun and when I want to do that I'm usually with Tim.  I also want to go to Ron Jon and Pac Sun to look at Roxy stuff.  I really want a Roxy wallet and a Roxy purse.  That movie "Christmas with the Kranks" looks funny so maybe we'll see that.  I just really hope that he's back and that we can hang out tomorrow.  <3 that guy!

My birthday is in 2 weeks and I don't know what to do.  The hotel thing isn't going to work out because the only thing we'd be doing in the hotel is sleeping and that's a waste of money.  What I want to do is on friday the 10th go out to dinner and go to pleasure island with four friends and then have a sleepover at my house.  The people I want to invite are Christi, Tim, Liz, and Maryann.  The next day I wanted to go to like Magic Kingdom with those people.  But the thing is the only person that can get in is Maryann.  I wonder if she can get Tim, Christi, and Liz in too?  IDK, I'll have to ask her.  If I can't do the disney thing the next day IDK what I'll want to do.  Cause I want to do something fun.  Comment guys and give me some ideas please!  I'm desperate. 

I also don't know what I want for my birthday.  Gift cards to Pac Sun are cool.  I like most roxy stuff.  I don't know, whatever you get me I'm pretty sure I'll like. 

Since my birthday is on Saturday, I hope you guys still get me a balloon for me to carry around on Friday.  =D  please, lol!  You know Iove you guys.  Hard to believe that I'm going to be 17 in 2 weeks.  Man, I'm old. 

Well, hopefully Tim comes back tomorrow.  Hopefully I can have a good birthday. 

Oh yeah, we play winter park on monday.  It's a home game.  I hope we do okay, even though Winter Park is the best I think we can hold em' off for a little while.  Plus I'm a good goalie so I'm going to try to have confidence.  Tim you should come to this game if you want to watch me work. 

Okay I'm done.  <3


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Nov. 26th, 2004 @ 04:34 pm
why does nobody ever invite me over? why do i always have to do all of the inviting? after awhile it get's a little annoying and it hurts my feelings that nobody wants me over....or at least that's the way it feels. i invite people to go to the movies or sleepover and etc. all the time...it'd just be nice if someone could do that for me once and awhile.
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» (No Subject)

Congrats Freedom High School JV Womens Soccer Team


Win against Osceola     

4-1  Freedom Win!

That game was the first game won in Womens JV soccer history at Freedom.  And I am proud to be a part of that team!  Good Job ladies!  Let's do it again.

» Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

It's hard to believe that it's alreay thanksgiving.  That's crazy.  There is a lot to be thankful for.  This is only my 2nd thanksgiving since my surgery and tumor and it really makes you think.  I have so much to be thankful for.  First off, I'm alive.  Hard to believe that a year and a half ago I was basically given a death sentence.  Before I go to bed every night I can't help but think about that day when I was told that I had a brain tumor, packing my bags while crying with my sister, waiting in the hospital room for the doctor, and then hysterically crying asking the doctors if I was going to die.  You never think that it's going to happen to you...and then out of nowhere, it does.  It's something you would never expect....I mean, you only think that it happens to "other" people.  Well, I got my reality check.  I'm so very happy to be alive and I appreciate life so much.   


Things I am thankful for:

  1. Surviving and Living my life and Being alive
  2. My tumor hasn't grown back..............yet
  3. Christi and Tim, my bestest friends in the entire world
  4. Renee, the greatest sister ever
  5. My family, even though we have our share of fights
  6. My health thus far
  7. Friends like Maryann, Sarah, Jesse, Stephanie, Aylin
  8. Good grades and High G.P.A. at school
  9. Being part of the soccer team and making new friends
  10. Being granted my wish of being able to meet Celine Dion and seeing her in concert in Las Vegas. 
  11. Living in a nice house
  12. Being able to do nice things with my family/friends
  13. Having a good life without too many problems
  14. Being loved by so many people around me...


Happy Thanksgiving all.  Remember to think about all that you are thankful for today.  I <3 you all.  Have a great holiday and be ready to go back to school for more work on Monday. 

» (No Subject)
      the green is where i sat!  front front front row center.  best seats in the ENTIRE stadium.  man that was wonderful. 
» Las Vegas Trip Pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had the most amazing time of my life last weekend and I'm never going to forget it for the rest of my life.  These are some pictures from my time in Las Vegas.

Celine and Vegas PicturesCollapse )

» (No Subject)

okay guys...if i talk about las vegas and celine dion alot this week i'm really sorry but i'm so excited and i've been waiting for this week to come for a year and a half.

sommmme people don't think that i deserve make a wish because i'm not dying, but i still went through a lot.  i mean brain surgery is the worst surgery you will ever have to have ever in your life.  it has left me with a number of disorders and the tumor caused other diseases in my body.  and i'm not trying to make you feel sorry for me i just want you to understand what i went through.  it could grow back any day and i could die. 

not many teens have over come something like i have. at our school i personally only know me and maryanns sister.  i think we have both overcome something so scary and hard in our lives and now we get to go on to tell the tale of our survival. 

so let me have my week of bragging and being happy and excited because i honestly think i've earned it.  thanks for all of your support guys...especially you maryann. you made me feel really special the other night on the phone. 

              <3 Friends double your joys and divide your sorrows <3

<3 A friend is someone who walks in when the whole world has walked out <3

       <3 A friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find, but luck to have<3


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